Regularly Scheduled Meeting

The Board of Directors will hold its regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday, November 21, at 6:00 pm in the school Media Center.


Georgia Charter Schools, Inc.
Meeting Agenda
November  21, 2013     6:00 PM




  1. I.                  Call to Order
  2. II.               Roll Call
  3. III.           Consent Agenda
    1. Adoption of agenda
    2. Approval of past minutes
  4. IV.            School Purpose and Direction – ESOL
  5. V.                Discussion
  6. VI.            New Business
  7. VII.         Action Agenda
  8. VIII.     Board Business
    1. Principal’s Report
    2. Finance Committee Report
    3. Academic Achievement Committee Report
    4. Governance Committee Report
    5. Charter Renewal Committee Report
  9. IX.            Public Comment

Parents, teachers, and community members are invited to share their opinions, ideas, and concerns. Public Comment is limited to 2 minutes per speaker, signup begins one hour before the meeting convenes and ends 30 minutes before the meeting convenes. Please provide contact information at sign up so any general questions can be answered at a later date. It is not the procedure of this Board to address public comment questions at the meeting.

  1. X.               Adjourn to Executive Session (if needed)

Executive Session may be only be convened to discuss Personnel, Land, and Legal Issues.  No vote will take place in Executive Session.

  1. XI.            Reconvene from Executive Session
  2. XII.        Board Comments
  3. XIII.     Adjourn




Board members are always available to answer individual questions after board meetings, and by email.  Please see for details.